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Growth Groups

Use this link for weekly study and Growth Group resources:

GG Resources Folder @ Dropbox

Our Basic Purpose:  Growth groups exist to promote the

development of significant Christian relationships centered

around the study of God’s Word (see Hebrews 10: 24– 25;

Romans 8: 29).  

Sharing Each week: We will take time to share what is

happening in our lives. At first this sharing will include

some planned “sharing questions.” After the first few

weeks, it will become more informal and personal as

our group feels safer and more comfortable. 

Study Each week:  We’ll study a portion of God’s Word that relates to the previous weekend’s sermon. Our goal is to learn how to apply and live out our Christianity in our day-to-day experiences and relationships. 

Encouragement:  We’ll learn how to encourage and care for one another as Christ commanded (see John 15: 9– 13). Our groups also find service projects to do together as we express God's love to the people around us.

GG Resources 

Weekly Growth Group resources can be found here at the Growth Group Resources Folder.

- The Growth Group Guide (GGG) contains a simple sermon outline and some homework questions.  

- Short Summary.  Along with the GGG, our Pastor usually puts a short introduction or summary of the Bible passage in audio or as a short movie with a few slides and illustrations.  Short = target of 8 to 12 minutes.