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About Us

Our Message

We believe the Bible is true and inspired by God.  It is our authority for life and faith, God's self-disclosure to mankind (revelation).  In the Bible God makes known His nature and plan for salvation in Christ Jesus.  As the Bible tells us, "God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him." (John 3:17, N.I.V.)

​That's the good news!  God loves everyone and invites everyone to come and receive eternal life and salvation in Jesus Christ - risen from the dead!

If you have a more specific question about our teaching? Give us a call!

Is WLBC a Friendly Church?

We hope so.  We welcome all who wish to join us to worship the Lord.  And we encourage everyone to grow in faith and connect in fellowship.  More than being friendly, we are actually striving to be a place where people can build  friendships in God's love.  We want to be a place where people find and express this new life in Christ, encourage one another, and carry the Lord's love into all of our relationships in the communities around us.


​What are the Growth Groups?

Growth groups are gatherings of people that meet during the week to promote the development of significant Christian relationships centered around the study of God's Word.

What are the Worship Services Like?

Worship starts at 10 am on Sunday mornings.  Some people dress up and others are casual.

​The services are relaxed and participatory.  Pastor Eric assumes that everyone wants to be here and is interested in making progress in their own journey of faith by understanding the Bible better and learning to apply the Lord's instruction to our lives with God's love.  

Our Children's ministry servants provide child care and programming for young children during the 10am hour.

The music tends toward contemporary as we frequently blend old and new.  ​