Growing in Christ ~ Multiplying His Love

West Lebanon Baptist Church

BIG NEWS!​   We changed our name to    HOPE BIBLE FELLOWSHIP

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Our congregation chose this name because these three words describe who we are and who we want to be as we keep growing to follow Jesus more.

HOPE - all who follow Jesus are brought into a living hope that never ends.  This hope is anchored in God's great love and faithfulness, and spills over from our lives as we honor Jesus as Lord from our hearts.  We rejoice in this Hope and want it to be evident to all as we joyfully walk together in faith.

BIBLE - the Bible is God's Word to mankind, revealing Himself and calling us all to life in Christ Jesus.  By His Word He is personally at work in the hearts of everyone who accepts Him.  We rejoice in this new life, a transforming relationship with God around His Word.

FELLOWSHIP - a church is a living gathering of people, more than an institution or organization in a community.  Fellowship is a word from the Bible rich in meaning that highlights the importance of loving relationships with one another and with our neighbors all around us.

Join us September 10 for our celebration of Hope.